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Yes, the PMP is Worth It - Biotech Mentor
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23 Aug

Yes, the PMP is Worth It

If you are interested in advancing your career in Project Management, then a PMP Certification is right for you.

Projects are run everywhere at every level or stage of an organization and in every industry. From software implementation to manufacturing automation to remote working teams or creating a startup, projects occur wherever something new is happening. Project managers are those people who take charge, lead the way, and are accountable for the project’s successful completion. As you can imagine, it is a much-needed role to ensure success.

Project management cannot be done by just anyone. Not every employee has the skillset to manage large scale projects and have the foresight to envision the project’s outcome as well as every detail in between. Project manager skills may vary by industry yet the basic premise of project management includes the ability to deliver exceptional results, on time, on budget, and on spec.

Project managers who are competent in delivering are well-worth the price tag. With salaries ranging between $90 and $100K, a PM can expect to earn a nice living. However, what if you were to expand your knowledge and earn a Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification? Now you increase your earning potential to $110 to $130K. Aside from the salary bump, you may be wondering why you should consider obtaining a certification in Project Management. This is a valid question being that the prerequisites to obtain this globally recognized professional certification are steep.

High School diploma/Associate’s Degree/Global equivalent AND 7500 hours (more than 3 ½ years) leading/direct projects AND 35 hours of project management education


Four-year degree AND 4500 hours (more than 2 years) leading/directing projects AND 35 hours of project management education

In other words, to qualify for the program you must have a significant amount of time and effort already committed to your project management career. However, if you are interested in expanding your career, earning a PMP Certification will prove to be well worth it in the end.

Advantages/Disadvantages of PMI Certification

  1. Some people say that the exam for PMI certification is the most difficult test they have ever taken. It is not the preparation, training, or the test itself that is hard but the application of the material in every situation. As a project manager, you will be tasked with viewing a project from every angle so the exam must test your ability to problem-solve, to be a visionary, and to manage conflict.
  2. The preparation for the PMP certification is expensive and time-consuming. Is it worth it to invest in yourself, your skills, and experience TODAY to reap the benefits throughout your career? Yes, your hard work and effort will pay off as this well-respected certification opens the door to new opportunities that may be otherwise unavailable to you.
  3. Hiring managers who are looking to fill a role in project management will prioritize your resume or profile over others if you have the PMP Certification on your resume. This highly valued certification can quickly move your name to the shortlist of candidates.
  4. The PMP Certification is globally recognized and not industry-specific. Studies show that projects run by a PMP certified manager are more likely to succeed and therefore, PM’s with this certification are highly sought after around the world by top companies looking to guarantee that their projects will be completed on time and within budget.
  5. In any industry, it can be difficult to justify your experience or prove your abilities. Having a PMP Certification automatically provides credibility and gives you an advantage over others.
  6. By continuing your education, you learn new skills, techniques, and processes that will help you to stand out from the crowd. You are exposed to best practices, tips and tricks in project management, and the practical application to typical roadblocks and obstacles.

In an article in, Michael DePrisco, VP of Global Solutions at Project Management Institute shares that “We’re moving to a project economy. It’s just becoming how work gets done.” Do you want to be a part of the growing trend of project managers especially those who are highly sought after and valued?

Ultimately, obtaining a PMP Certification will open the door to opportunities, enhancing your earning potential, and give you a competitive advantage in the hiring market. So, knowing what you now know about PMP, would you say that it is worth it?


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